I went ape-sh*t in an elevator

Last year, at one of our Live Quarterly Meetings, we stayed in a beautiful hotel and my family and I were in the top floor suite.

One evening, after a particularly long but exciting day, I was starting to feel a little “hangry.” I hadn’t eaten and was really anxious to get back to my suite and order up some room service.

So I get in the elevator and the door closes and nothing happens.

It doesn’t move.

I start to get frustrated. This is a 5-star brand new hotel, why wouldn’t the elevators be working?

I push the button to open the door again, and sure enough, we are still in the lobby. I push the button to close the door again and we still don’t move. At this point, hunger has triggered complete irrational behavior and I am about to get off and give the front desk a piece of my mind when someone else steps onto the elevator, pushes the button for the 17th floor and up we go.


The elevator was not broken, I just hadn’t told it where to go!

I hadn’t done the one simple thing that sets forth the string of events that would take me exactly where I wanted to go and fast!

I see this all the time with small law firm owners and it is often the number one reason they never get where they want to go.

They are trying to solve the wrong problems!

And they waste a LOT of time and money doing it.

On Wednesday of next week, I am going to make a video on this topic for the folks who are in our F The New Normal Growth Challenge.

It’s going GREAT. They have already learned:

✔ Our #1 strategy for generating new business on demand

✔ The REAL questions you should ask yourself to zero in on your ideal client and how to create a doc to share with your team so that everyone knows who is a fit and who isn’t

✔ The key to generating quality referrals and

✔ Mastering the art of intake which is one of the places law firms fall completely flat and lose a LOT of clients.

Every challenge exercise is posted in the Facebook group along with bonus material so if you haven’t joined yet you can still get every module by clicking here to sign up.

It’s a great group, and I want to make this video for them because it’s vital that every small law firm owner, no matter what stage of growth you’re in, understands what the REAL problems are so that you don’t waste time and money on the wrong things.

I’ll give you a hint- the #1 thing that is likely holding you back from where you want to go is also the thing you have the MOST control over and can fix in a very short time!

As easy as pushing the button on the elevator! 🤦

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