As lawyers we’re all pretty smart.  But as a group we tend to have a hard time making decisons.  Of course a big part of running any kind of a successful business (a law firm is a business) mastering the ability to make decisions.  The problem is, our education ham-strings us when it comes to making decisions.

In our natural state as human beings we are good at making decisions.  From the time we are babies until we get it taught out of us, we make decisions in a very natural way.  We identify a desire.  We decide to make it our goal.  And then nature reveals the path to us. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”  We all KNOW that to be true from experience.  It’s equally true that when the decision is made, truly made, the way to make it happen suddenly appears. 

That’s why & how some people are able to accomplish seemingly miraculous feats when faced with a life or death situation.   They have no time and no distractions.  The decision is clear: do or die.  And then the way appears.

But law school teaches us to do exactly the opposite.  As lawyers we are taught not to make a decision until we have a plan.  And preferably a plan which accounts for every possible contingency. 

The problem is that nature does not reveal all the ways to get things done until AFTER a decision has been made.

So the lawyer sits around letting years slip past trying to make a plan in order to have the confidence to make a decision when in fact if only a decision could be made then the plan would be so much easier to figure out.

This, incidentally, is why entrepreneurs complain so much about “deal killing” lawyers.  Because the successful entrepreneur is practiced at making decisions with confidence enough in him or herself to know that once the decision is made the way to make it happen will become clear.

So, to get un-stuck from anything you’re dealing with today try this:  Make a decision about what you want to accomplish.  Make the decision clear, specific and for a definite and honest purpose.  I’m not saying to then just jump off the cliff.  You will STILL have to make a plan.  But just see how much easier the plan is to make and how somehow, almost by magic, everything starts to fall into place AFTER you’ve made a decision.

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But then be prepared to made a decision  like all those other lawyers did who you’ll see in the videos!    😉