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2006. A few months ago, life was fun. My wife, Ale, was healthy and happy. Now she's in severe pain and can't get out of bed.

I’m a lawyer with a good reputation for teaching people how to run a business and make it work for them. But Ale’s sudden severe sickness has blindsided me. I can’t emotionally function. And I’m failing to practice what I professionally preach.

The stress is unbearable. I’m about to lose everything.

Growing up was turbulent. Dad made his fortune from real estate and white-collar crime. Yes, you read that correctly. 

One morning, bullets started hitting our house. (A business associate sent someone to kill my Dad.)

Although Dad escaped, the law eventually caught him. For years, I visited him in jail. (He later lost his fortune, remade it, and lost it again.) I also saw my mother and stepfather endure multiple multimillion-dollar bankruptcies.

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Feeling like an outsider observing these
wildly crazy experiences started to
hone my superpower:


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Even as a little kid, I'd sit at the dining table listening to my parents' conversations and quickly help them clarify their problems.

By 10th grade, I ran various businesses, from lawn mowing to boat washing. I didn’t need the money – I was just fascinated with business.

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After graduating college, Dad was on a financial upswing and paid for me to attend law school. (I wasn't ready for the real world.)

Again, I felt like an outsider. The culture celebrated suffering – you couldn’t feel good unless it was hard. I quickly figured out how to graduate six months early with top grades.

The natural progression was then starting my own practice. It was a disaster. With no plan, systems, or controls, I drifted.

Out of options, I called The Florida Bar. They had a program to assist struggling business owners. My advisor said:

“Your problems are effects preceded by causes. If we fix the causes, the effects will take care of themselves.”

Over several months I called back repeatedly – each time with a new problem after solving the previous one.

Running a business became more fun than practicing law. So when my advisor (a living legend in legal circles) offered me a job and mentoring, I couldn’t refuse.

I was in my late 20s and learned more about the practical realities of running a business than most would ever experience. I fielded thousands of calls from people needing help on every aspect of their business and visited multiple broken law firms to fix them. Patterns emerged –
the root cause was systems and mindset.

eventually, i spun off what i learned into a business.

I married Alejandra (Ale) Leibovich in 2006. Life was perfect.

Then she got sick, losing 25% body weight over 18 months.

Despite preaching the virtues of building a sustainable business, my business was me working from the dining room table. There were no systems. Predictably, it crumbled.

We burned through our savings and credit. Despite selling everything of value, we still lost our home to foreclosure. It was humiliating.


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2007, I pivoted into info products while doing whatever consulting job possible to pay the bills. Made $75,000 in 12 months. Ale's health improved, and she joined the business.

We smashed a mental barrier – making one million for the first time.

We celebrated with IKEA furniture upgrades – that’s how broke we were before!

At IKEA, Ale scribbled me a note with the little pencil
and paper:


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Take all your


and shove them

up your ass


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A bit about Ale – living under a violent dictatorship and chauvinistic culture in rural Argentina, she supported herself as a professional artist from 15.

Coming to America broke without speaking English, she found solutions (libraries, community college courses) and got results (rising to the highest levels for MTV, VH1, and Nickelodeon).

So when Ale said, TAYE ASTUYA, I listened.

It became our rallying cry whenever we
wanted to quit.

September 1, 2015

We named our son TAYE ASTUYA (after two rounds of IVF) – that's how seriously we took it!


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By 2016, we'd invested $657,000 in personal development. I honed my superpower. Results came whenever my thinking was clear and I rejected excuses. The business kept growing.

I’m grateful to have graduated from The School of Hard Knocks and channeled my wildly messed-up experiences. I’m now uniquely qualified to help small business owners.

I love contributing and come from abundance. I help people find solutions, get results, and live the life they love once they


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Today my business works for me.
I only work in it about 90 days a year, and we're now on track to 30 million.

All because I stopped making excuses.