Well add this to my list of reasons why Twitter is worthwhile. . .

So I was just getting ready to post a comment on Twitter to all my “friends”. . . or are they only my friends on facebook?  No matter I came across a post that caught my attention and disovered a group called the Techology Liberation Front which describes itself as being   “. . . the tech policy blog dedicated to
keeping politicians' hands off the 'net and everything else related to

Now insert whatever disclaimers you want here about how I have only read one article from them so far, but I think I may be in love!  Not that I'm very well informed about technology per-se.  But I do recognize a rational and objective mind when I read an article from it and what a rare treat that is to discover. 

So you can imagine how excited I was/am to have discovered this MUST READ article!

I don't care if you care about technology.  Read the article anyway.  It should be a reminder to all of us that there really are a whole bunch of do-gooders who honestly believe they know better than we do about how we should run our businesses and conduct our lives.  And they are not dissuaded from their beliefs by reality.  That's part of what makes them so dangerous!