An unexpected Thanksgiving day wish:

Happy Thanksgiving.

There, now that’s out of the way let me tell you what are my REAL well-wishes for you this Thanksgiving day. . .

I wish you the joy, the prosperity and the peace in your soul that comes from figuring out what your law practice is really all about.

If you have already seen this 3 minute video and it catapulted your thinking to a whole new level where your law firm now serves you on all three axis of sucess then I offer you my sincerest congratulations.

Even if you figured it out without my help I am no less happy and excited for you because this is a great way to go through life, isn’t it?!?!

But if you don’t quite yet know what your law firm is really all about…the “WHY” of it all…then I urge you to watch this short video and use some of the downtime today to give it a good think.


p.s. If you think your law firm is all about making money, or all about serving your clients then you are missing a big opportunity to enjoy more of both; plus be an even happier lawyer.