I don’t know what’s been going on lately.  Seems everywhere I go, I’m seeing more & more examples of stupid service.  Last week it was my regular restaurant that sent me across the street to the competition, even after I told them  exactly what it would take to keep me and  offered to pay for it.  This time it was my dentist whose staff basically came out and told me that they run the office for their convenience, not mine as a patient.

Short story. . . been seeing the same dentist for many years.  Even though his prices are high, I have no complaints & keep going back because of the quality, familiarity, inertia, etc.  This time there’s a sign on the bathroom door “Staff Only”.  So I ask to use the “other bathroom”.  I’m handed a key and given a set of complex direction to go out the front door, down the hall, around the corner. .  .wait a second is the other bathroom out of order or something?  Why can’t I use this one right here?

I’ll spare you the stupid answer and simply suggest you take a look around your law office to see if there are any “staff only” signs, posted or otherwise.