"You can’t plan a bright future, with your head up your ass.”

RJon Robins believes in profit and he detests loss. And it’s likely he knows more about how to start, manage and grow a successful small law firm than anyone else alive today. Here’s why…

At 9:00 am on August 24, 1999 RJon reported for duty as a Small Law Practice Management Advisor for The Florida Bar’s Law Office Management Assistance Service (LOMAS). During his four-year stint with LOMAS, RJon had the unique opportunity to work with nearly 9,000 separate solo or small law firm owners, helping them tackle practically every law firm management, marketing, mindset, sales, staffing, cash-flow, and profitability problem imaginable. To date, RJon is the first and only lawyer in the history of The Florida Bar to serve in this role.

Those front-line experiences in the trenches – with thousands of law firms per year who found themselves with only a law license but no prior marketing, sales, management or financial controls – were the seeds that grew and flourished into RJon’s career. He has ever-since been devoted to exposing and crushing the “Doctrine of Sacrifice” that infects the legal industry and teaches lawyers that sacrifice is not the means to the end but rather that sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice is the end. Instead, RJon believes that running a profitable business is amongst one of the highest callings of a human being. But living up to that calling almost eluded him…

RJon found himself in the same boat as the 9,000+ small law firm owners he’d helped when he stopped short of putting his own (excellent) advice about building a systems-based-business into practical action.He began caring for his wife when she became unexpectedly and severely ill. And while she made a full recovery, RJon’s business did not. He ended up losing his home to foreclosure and found himself flat-broke. After nursing his wife back to health, in 2009 RJon picked himself up and finally began following his own advice about not settling for less than a business grounded in systems that work.

Today RJon is co-founder and President of How To MANAGE Enterprises and one of its subsidiaries, How To Manage a Small Law Firm (HTM). HTM helps to manage more than 400 of the fastest-growing, and some of the most profitable solo and small law firms across the United States, in every practice area anyone could likely imagine, in cooperation with law firm owners from all walks of life.

After having grown by more than TEN THOUSAND PERCENT since RJon started the business from his dining room table in 2009, How To Manage A Small Law Firm has been named by Inc. Magazine as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing privately-held companies in the country six years in a row. RJon attributes such exponential growth to the success of the solo and small law firms they help to manage, and his most-amazing team who he is honored to work with.

All of the portfolio companies owned and operated by How To Manage Enterprises share RJon’s commitment to liberating entrepreneurial law firm owners from The Doctrine of Sacrifice by helping them build more successful businesses that support happier and more successful and more meaningful lives. In addition to How To Manage A Small Law Firm, some of the portfolio companies include:

  • The Small Law Firm University
  • The Small Law Firm Owner’s Unfair Advantage
  • The Small Law Firm Marketing Machine
  • The Show Them You Give A Shit Client Relationship Management Company
  • Small Law Firm Bookkeeping That Does Not Suck
  • Profitable Law Firm Marketing Videos That Actually Sell Legal Services!; and more.

RJon practices what he preaches about demanding that your business give you a life instead of the other way around. He is an avid boater and lives in South Florida with his wife and co-founder Ale, their son Taye Astuya, a dog, one or more cats, and a flock of peacocks and wild iguanas that live in their yard.