Great news everyone! 
We're going to broadcast today's seminar on UStream so no matter
where you are
, if you have an internet connection you can watch
& learn what the biggest & the best law firms will be doing to profit from their websites
And how they'll be using social media to improve
client service
when the next generation of websites & social
media platforms hit the market later this year.  

This is
going to be an amazing opportunity
for a small law firm to have
access to a world-leading expert, CEO of WebOptimiser whose clients
include Ford of Europe, the Marriott Corp. etc.  This is our chance as
owners of small law firms to get-ahead of the
curve instead of playing catch-up

What day:  Today
(April 23, 2010)

When: 12-3pm est

“tune in” at 
(Just copy & paste that address to your browser, no special
software or anything required)

Cost: Consider this one of
the benefits of being my friend!

Why & How did this
amazing opportunity come about & why such short notice?  Here's the
back story: