Most solo lawyers will never build a million-dollar law firm. They just won’t do it. Instead, they’ll compromise for their entire life. They’ll make less money than they want to make. They will work more hours than they want to work. They will work with clients they don’t want to work with. They will take less vacations than they want to take, and the vacations they do take won’t be to the places they really want to go.

Our members ARE building seven-figure law firms. Many of them already have and many more are well on their way.

So what’s the difference between our members and the vast majority of solo lawyers who choose to remain miserable for their entire life? Well for starters, they’re in our program, and you should be too if you want to accomplish what they’re accomplishing. One of the most important things we do for our members is help them identify what’s holding them back. Everyone is different, but we see many of the same common obstacles over and over. I bet that some of these obstacles are holding you back, too. Such as…

Your Fears. You’re a lawyer. You’re trained to be cynical. You’re trained to look for precedent. So when somebody tells you that you can build a seven-figure law firm, your reaction is to look for reasons why it WON’T work. And your reaction is to look around at your peers who aren’t close to building a million-dollar law firm (and never will be) and assume that if they can’t do it, neither can you. It won’t be easy, and you can’t do it by doing the same thing all of the lawyers around you are doing, but you can do it. Our members are proof.

Your Friends. No offense, but some of your friends are probably losers. They probably look for reasons why you CAN’T do something before looking for reasons that you can. They’d probably rather compromise for their entire life than bust their butt and create something amazing for themselves and their family. If you hang out with people like them all the time, that becomes your mindset too. All the more reason it’s important to surround yourself with a community of like-minded lawyer-entrepreneurs who are on the same journey you want to be on.

Your (Lack of) Skills. I’m not talking about your legal skills. Your legal skills are barely relevant as your firm grows. No, what’s holding you back are your lack of management and leadership skills. Building a business requires different training than practicing law… and they sure as hell didn’t teach you how to build a business in law school. The good news is that you can LEARN these skills. Our members, once again, are proof.

Your Lack of a Road Map. It’s hard to arrive at your destination without a map that walks you through each step of the journey. And frankly… you probably aren’t surrounded by many lawyers who have built a million-dollar law firm. So it’s easy to understand why you don’t know how to get there. The lawyers around you don’t have a map. You didn’t get the map in law school. Your friends don’t have the map. Here’s the good news: We can give you that road map. Even better, we’ll sit in the car with you and help you stay on course through every leg in the journey. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, click here to take the first step.