Below is a reply I wrote to an e-mail we get on a fairly regular basis: prospective new clients who want us to “try out” for their business by comparing & contrasting ourselves to the competition.  In the past I used to spend alot of time on these type of “beauty contests”.  And what I discovered is that while a few of the prospects were sincerly interested in understanding the differences between my law firm and the others they were considering to hire, most of the time it was just a foreshadowing of what was to come if I were to go forward with the engagement. . . lots of second-guessing, lots of calls for me to justify my services, and lots of complaints about the bill.

I’m not saying that “Joe” is one of those types.  He could very well be sincerely interested in comparing his options before deciding how to spend his money and even more importantly, deciding whose advice to follow with his valuable time.  But the lesson you can take away from the reply below (besides that you should focus on the basics & not waste time on all the hype out there) is not to get sucked into an audition and worse, not to get sucked into trashing your competition in the process – remember that when it comes to Rainmaking, there are no secrets!

Hi Joe,

Not familiar with William Hammond or the services he offers. I’ve known Alexis for years though and I think she’s great, though I’m not familiar with her $99/month program or what’s included with it. So I’m not sure I can answer your question directly as to compare/contrast what I offer vs. what they offer.

What I CAN tell you is that the Bronze program is a pretty simple program that takes you back to the basics. If you’re looking for some kind of secret “button” you can push to magically generate new business that no-one’s ever thought of before you may be disappointed with my programs. Instead I focus on introducing new Rainmakers, reminding experienced Rainmakers, and helping everyone in-between to brush-up on a variety of “old fashioned” Rainmaking skills, techniques & habits that have been working for tens of thousands of Rainmakers for many generations and which I don’t see losing their effectiveness anytime soon.

Reason I focus on the basics is because I have seen in my career of helping thousands of lawyers, so many who waste time, energy & money trying something new when all they have to do is brush up on the fundamentals and implement them with some consistency in order to boost revenues, avoid troublesome clients and reduce hours in the office. So that’s my focus: Make the most of what you’ve got before you start looking for something new. Know what I mean?

Hope that addresses your concerns and that you get a lot of value out of the $39/month fee for my Bronze program. If you have any questions along the way, be sure to identify yourself as a Bronze Member in the subject line of your e-mail so I can get to it ahead of the rest.