If you've been following this blog and watching my e-videos for awhile you probably know that I don't believe in “The Competition Myth”. 

That is, I don't believe there is such a thing as competition.  At least not when it comes to professional services.  There doesn't have to be any competition for tangible good either but that's beyond the scope of law firm marketing so I'll leave it alone for now.

Here's WHY there's no such thing as competition when it comes to professional services

  Because clients buy YOU as much as they buy your firm.  Actually, more.  And you are unique. 

  • Your motivation for the way you practice law is unique, 
  • Your perspective on how you solve problems and spot opportunities for your clients is unique. 
  • Your way of explaining options and educating your clients is unique.


Here's a “Secret” Not Everyone Knows About

I have a “secret” not everyone knows about.  But the most successful rainmakers won't be surprised to read that I often speak with other law firm marketing consultants, advisors and coaches. 

That's right, behind closed doors we compare notes on the industry.  We share resources including names of great vendors and those to avoid.  We even refer business to one-another when we encounter a prospective client -or even discover that a current client – is not a good fit for us. 

All the best coaches do this.  The best rainmakers in law firms do this too. In fact, the best of the best in every line of business do this.  Because it's smart business.  And besides, if you're any good you know there's more business out there than everyone could ever hope to handle.

It's a sellers' market.  Always has been.  I suspect it always will be that way too.

Recently, as you probably know I have decided to share a resource for free, with my fellow lawyers and with the legal industry at large.

For reasons described in more detail at www.LawyerControl.com I have decided to share my “Simple System For Managing A Law Firm Client Property Trust Account, That WON'T Make You Feel Like A Schmuck” at absolutely no charge.

And being the consummate professionals that they are who genuinely give-a-crap about their clients, know there's plenty of business out there for all of us and just generally like to do the right thing, several law practice management consultants, coaches, bloggers and thought-leaders in our industry have all been so generous to me and to our industry too by sharing news of this totally-free resource.

One such professional, a really good guy and from what I hear a pretty good bass fisherman too is my friend Stephen Fairley who has written a very wonderful review of the above system over at his site which you can read about by clicking HERE

Stephen & I argue all the time about all things law firm marketing.  And I absolutely LOVE it whenever he breaks the tension by saying “Well, you know if we never disagreed then one of us would be redundant in this relationship”  Right-on Stephen! 

I share this “behind the scenes” peek into the world of top-level law firm marketing consultants & coaches in hopes of inspiring you to reach-out and find another lawyer in your market who to the untrained eye may appear to be your competition. 

In reality he or she could become a valuable asset in your professional life.