Entrepreneurs and Everyone Else

by RJon Robins

Which Are You?

There are two different kinds of people in the world: entrepreneurs & everyone else. If you don’t see the world this way then you’re still in the second category.

Entrepreneurs see the world in a completely different way than everyone else. When you are an entrepreneur, this fact is very obvious. It is, however, NOT very obvious nor is this phenom understood by the rest of everyone. How Do You Know if You are an Entrepreneur?

One way to know if you’re an entrepreneur is to ask yourself what kind of time you use.

Everyone else uses what I call “Clock Time”. How many hours will this take me to do this? How many hours did I work? How many hours are left in the day?

An entrepreneur CAN use clock time but most do not. Instead, we use what I call “Calendar Time” most of the time instead. How quickly can I get this accomplished? How many weeks until I can achieve the next objective? How will I make the most of the next month? What’s it going to cost me
if I can get this done in a year instead of getting it done in a week?

Imagine your car has broken-down and you’re stranded in a town you don’t want to be in. Plus, you are alone and you have no other way to get to the place you want to be. It’s a place where an opportunity awaits that can earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars of sustainable
income for the rest of your life. But, the hitch is, you must get there in two days.

When you ask the mechanic “How quickly can you get this done?” as an entrepreneur, what you really mean is

“How-quickly-can-you-get-me-back- on-the-road-to-my-goals, to-making- a-better-life-for-me, my-children,my-great-grandchildren, so-that-I-may- leave-my-mark-on-the-world?”

When the mechanic answers that the job takes

20 hours, you ask again, “How quickly can you get me back on the road?” The mechanic answers in the only language he knows and that is “Clock Time” language repeating that the job takes 20 hours.

The mechanic doesn’t understand at all when you ask him again so you rephrase it:

“What if you brought in an assistant so that you can work extra-fast overtime and I will pay you “book rate” for the job. THEN could you get me back on the road this afternoon?”

When you say it this way, the mechanic responds: “Sure but it’ll cost you!”

Entrepreneurs know that nearly anything is possible. It is all in the way you look at problems and solutions.

Which are you?