I struggled to choose the right subject line for this post.  In the end I decided to focus on asking readers to consider how much your time is really worth to you.  Not how much you may charge for your time, but how much your time is really worth to you because we only get one ride through this life and we have to learn to cherish every moment.  Part of cherishing every moment for me and my Rainmakers is figuring out what’s worth learning the hard way vs. what skills are better to learn from someone else’s mistakes.

Mr. Dxxxxx,

Thanks for the compliment!  The answer to your question is that my Mom built her $1M/year web-based business by NOT
wasting money on hucksters who claimed to be able to do it all FOR
her.  Instead, she invested in herself and learned how to promote
herself online.  She did eventually hire a web company to manage her website
though not until after she already had a basic working knowledge of how
to do it all herself.  This approach not only saved her a ton of cash
but more importantly, it prevented anyone from being able to hold her

I’m not saying you can necessarily build a multi-million
dollar law practice all by yourself with only the skills you’ll learn
in my $39/month coaching program.  But you can definitely build a solid
firm that doesn’t have you pinching every penny like you said in your
previous message that you have to do now.  The fundamentals still work pretty
well and that’s what I stick to, no “magic formula” or any other kind
of b.s. “secrets”.  In fact I’ll make you this promise. . . not only
will I NOT “reveal” any kind of big “secrets” to you, I’m pretty sure
once I lay everything out for you in step-by-step fashion each week in
the Bronze program, you’ll probably look back at it and see that if you
had thought enough about it and been organized enough and disciplined
enough and invested enough time making all the mistakes I’ve made over
the years you could have figured it all out by yourself. 

THAT was the
point of the testimonial I shared with you.  That lawyer had already
made enough mistakes on his own to have figured out what I had to say
so he didn’t need me to lay it all out for him.  My materials are
designed to short-cut the learning process for lawyers who would rather
spend their time doing the RIGHT things instead of spending ten years
figuring out all the wrong things not to do.