How can I avoid the most expensive legal marketing mistakes? First of all, you have to identify what these mistakes are. If you can identify them, you can avoid them. The first mistake and one of the most costly ones is not having a plan. This means you don’t know the right client, the right time to bring in the right clients and your message is not compelling. If you don’t have this information and a compelling message, you won’t be able to prescreen clients. This leaves you with all the wrong clients and then business suffers.

One way to avoid the most costly marketing mistakes is by getting a projection. You know you want to generate whether it is $20,000 a month or $80,000 a month. By knowing these figures, you can decipher how many cases or matters you need to bring in per month to reach these goals. With this in mind, you can better identify:

  • A client
  • B client
  • C client
  • D client
  • F client

By identifying these clients you can  build your marketing message so that it appeals powerfully to the right clients. Even if you get less people walking in through your door, you are now getting the right clients, which are the ones you need.

Don’t waste time with the wrong clients. Not only your time but their time as well. Don’t waste time, energy and money meeting with someone only to discover they’re the wrong clients for you. That is another costly marketing mistake. Marketing to the wrong clients burns up your time, burns up your energy, burns up your staff’s patience with you and, wastes the prospective clients time. Good marketing aimed to the wrong client sinks you.