from RJon Robins
date Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 5:59 PM
subject How to deal with a blackmailer

Hello everyone

I want to share a
lesson with you on how to deal with a blackmailer. 

Here's what happened.  Last year I hired a website
developer to build a fairly complex private membership site for me.  The
contract called for all kinds of exciting bells & whistles
including a tool I invented to help you set key goals for your law firm
and then log them each week to produce a visual graph that shows you
exactly where your business is and then use that to diagnose what needs

To make a VERY long and expensive story short
I am now engaged in mediation with this developer as I refuse to
release the second half of his fee from escrow since he failed to
deliver a satisfactory work product.  And in fact I've had to now spend
more than three times as much to have the whole site built up from the
ground-up with my current developer who I have nothing but good things
to say about.

So below is the blackmail this crook tried
pull on me
.  The lesson of course is that when you conduct your
business affairs in a totally stand-up way, the way you deal with a
shakedown attempt is beat them to the punch by shining the light
directly on the matter.

Just one more of the ways good marketing
& good management go hand-in-hand with ethics and professionalism.

the way, if this lunatic does bother you by carrying through on his
threat, please forward his email to me because I am going to crucify him
with this b.s.

Thanks in advace for your patience &


from: Reelay Developers <>
Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 4:54 PM
subject: warning


note I have obtined the database of your users, i will definitely be
informing them of how you ripped of the developer. Belive you me , its
never going to be worth it for you. But i will teach an ass like you
what it happens when you mess around and steal other people's money.

your breath for the mass mail this weekend 🙂
Good luck trying your
lawyer stunts then.