Drowning in to-do’s? Not sure what or how to delegate?  If you are hesitant about hiring a full time employee or just don’t have enough hours in the day to get stuff done this session is for you. Experienced manager and technology trainier Chelsey Lambert walks you through a variety of freelance, part-time, and monthly service options that save you time, money and finally clear your calendar of all the monontonous tasks you hate doing. For attorneys in the 0-250K a year revenue stage, which for How to Manage a Small Law Firm is called the “Create” stage utilizing your time and energy to hustle, market and sell is your number one priority. Watch the session below, and start delegating anything that’s not moving you towards your goals today.  In this session you will learn:

  • The types of virtual assistants available to you.
  • How to format your requests for the highest rate of success.
  • What types of services are available, and when to use them.


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