Lots of lawyers mistakenly believe it has to be exotic or complicated to double (yes I said double) the revenue of a small law firm.  To the contrary, some of the “best practices” when it comes to law firm marketing and law practice management and some of the most important things to do if you want to start a law firm are very simple and free.

I learned a thousand different ways to make an extra five, ten even twenty thousand dollars or more when I worked as a Law Practice Management Advisor for The Florida Bar’s Law Office Management Assistance Service.  But I never did “discover” that one big “holy grail” secret that will bring in a million dollars to a small law firm all by itself.  And if it was out there you can be pretty sure I would have found it.  Consequently I’d suggest you keep your hand on your wallet when speaking with anyone who says they that have.  Sign up for my FREE weekly ezine at www.HowToManageaSmallLawFirm.com