An except from a project I'm helping a client with.  This is potentially a multi-million dollar stream of business for them. . . .

See attached.  I've done a ton of Powerpoint presentations and sold
hundreds of thousands of dollars using Powerpoint.  I've also been
professionally trained on how to use Powerpoint and to recognize it's
limitations.  As a rule I generally prefer NOT to use Powerpoint. 
Because too often it becomes a distraction rather than a tool to
facilitate communication of ideas.  Too often it is used to communicate
facts instead of ideas.  When you think of your Powerpoint you need to
think of it as a “co-presenter”.  And just like you wouldn't simply
repeat the same thing your co-presenter just said likewise you
shouldn't do that with Powerpoint either.  Most Powerpoint
presentations contain too much information which leaves it's live
co-presenter with nothing to do up there except be redundant.  And
leaves the audience to wonder if it might have been a better use of
their time to just skip the presentation and read the hand-outs.

Begin with the end in mind.  The GOAL of this presentation is to get
audience members to come to the booth.  The sale is going to be made at
the booth.  Trying to make the sale in a Powerpoint presentation
results in a very tedious Powerpoint presentation, a very weak sale and
no reason for the audience to come to the booth.  Instead what we
should be seeking to accomplish with the Powerpoint presentation is to
whet the appetite of the audience.  To capture their imaginations.  But
leave them wondering.  And then tell them that they can satisfy their
curiosity by visiting the booth.  Then they come directly to the booth
feeling excited.  Instead of wandering over to the booth just to see if
there's anything they missed.