Hungry for Success?

Consume the Right Diet by RJon Robins

Another year came and went. Hello 2019. Did your firm meet its goals for the year? Did you? Have
you been on the fence about taking action in some way in your firm?

• You know you are two months too late in hiring a paralegal.

• Your business plan is past due and you are just not sure how to take the first bite out of it.

• Perhaps you have been trying to decide if How to Manage is right for you.

The thing is, another year is going to pass whether you do any of these things. It always
does. The hunger you have for a firm that serves you personally, and that serves the
community the way you know it can is not going to go away. Sure, you can satisfy your
appetite by small burst of starts and stops in your firm, but without that decision to act
consistently, you will likely be having this same conversation with yourself one year from now.

How are you making decisions in your life? In your firm?

1. Are you taking advice from someone who not have what you want?

2. Is your broke family member telling you how to get more clients and manage your staff?

3. Have you tracked your numbers in your business to help you know what is working
and what isn’t? (Do you even know this is a thing?)

4. Are you still answering the phone, meeting with clients and prospects, and making the
coffee in your firm?

It can be overwhelming figuring everything out on your own. Maybe you have no idea
even how to jump in and get busy. Everyone has been there. Whether you are someone who wants
to power through it all and grow quickly, or you just want to see progress, you have that power.

It’s all a decision. Followed by a whole lot of action.

Remembering 2019 is coming, ready or not. Make the Decision. Take the Action. Trust the
System and JUMP.

We got your back if you want us to.

Happy Holidays and TAYEASTUYA in 2019.

– RJon