Insomnia Cookies NYC: Generating repeat and referral business for your law firm.
Date: August 2014
Location: Insomnia Cookies, NYC (

After a quick lunch in the city, RJon shares a lesson inspired by Insomnia Cookies in New York City’s Financial District. The cookie shop is known for its warm cookies, and had a line nearly out-the-door while RJon was enjoying lunch and shooting this video. So, if a cookie shop can maintain such high volume, what is stopping your firm?

The focus of this lesson is how to contact your former clients for business. Which is completely allowed under Bar Association rules! Your former clients are your biggest fans. They are the perfect candidates for repeat business and referrals, which can be fundamental to the growth of your business. Even if they have a problem or task you cannot help them with, you might be able to make a referral to someone else who can, and the client will definitely appreciate that