Everyone’s heard about the value of getting a new client.  The lifetime value of each new client we generate with our Rainmaking activities is a subject I rant about loud & often.  So I’ll skip my usual refrain on the subject and share an observation that comes from a different perspective, one that requires me to admit something I’m not especially proud of. . .

I’m back at my regular restaurant this morning, with a painfully slow internet connection pirated off of a nearby source.  Recall that I’d already told the manager that I’d pay for the $70 wireless router it would take to make me happy and when they declined I went out in search of a new regular place.  I found a new restaurant that offers great free internet connection and even lower prices for my usual breakfast.  But old habit die hard & so I’m back here.

This beggs the question, what in the hell do these people have to do to lose me as a customer?!?!  They already charge more and deliver less.  I’ve already tried the competition but reverted back to my old routine because it’s, well, because it’s a routine.

So, what do YOU have to do to lose a client?  If your answer has anything to do with “finish the case” you’re missing the point entirely about the lifetime value of a client.  Once a client, always a client in my book.

Seriously, I’d be interested in anyone’s anecdotes about what they have done to actually lose a client, because in my experience it’s so easy to keep them coming back for more?