Kite Surfing, and becoming a first time Million-Dollar Law Firm Owner.
Date: March 2015
Location: Aruba

No one said growing a million-dollar business was easy… and neither is kite surfing, as RJon discovered on vacation in Aruba. Doing anything for the first time that is out of our comfort zone will be particularly challenging, and even the most dedicated will want to give up when it gets frustrating. Our subconscious minds will go to lengths to protect us from things that are unfamiliar, and suddenly excuses for why you can’t do something will start to manifest themselves. RJon shares some of the excuses he was making to avoid going to his kite surfing session, because it was really hard. Similarly, you might be making excuses to avoid doing things that will grow your law firm because that is also really hard.

It takes time, practice, and guidance to master a new skill, whether in business or out on a beach. You didn’t learn how to run a business in law school, so owning and growing your law firm is a new skill you are learning to master.

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