From: Alexis Martin Neely
Sent: Friday, July 23, 2010 12:40 PM
Subject: [LBR Weekly Briefing Memo] Are You A Grievance Waiting to


heard a statistic the other day that just blew my mind.

Would you believe that 54% of grievances filed against lawyers are caused
by management mistakes in the law office?

That’s right, more than half the bar grievances

When my friend (and affiliate) attorney Rjon Robins passed that bit of
information on to me, I was amazed. 

RJon recently did a survey of lawyers who had either recently started their own law
business or were seriously thinking about it.
  What he found out makes
it a little easier to understand why that percentage is so high!

Even after law school, CLE programs and all the other information
available to them, he found that many of the lawyers he surveyed have never
received any formal training on how to set up and manage their trust

Long story short, after he saw the results of his survey, RJon was
concerned enough to produce a free resource to help lawyers learn what he
calls his “Simple
System for Managing a Law Firm Trust Account That WON’T Make You Feel Like A

Is that a great title or what?

And even better, it’s a simple, easy to follow system that could very well
keep you out of the clutches of the Grievance Committee.  That alone
makes the program worth its weight in gold…

for another great piece of news – Rjon’s video is free, for a very limited
time.  Believe me, you need to bookmark this link and watch the video now:


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