Meet Holly Moore of Moore Family Law

A How to Manage 18-month Reflection

Holly Moore was drowning. Her law firm had been helping family law clients for 10 years. But something was wrong.

“I had no systems, no policies, no defined procedures, and I had no idea about who to hire or even when to hire or the right person to look for. ”

“My firm was in chaos.”

Holly was considering a career change around the time she learned about HTM.

“Family Law practice is very draining. When you add the chaos and you do not have the help you need, it’s a disaster. I knew I had to do something or die of a heart attack.

Holly and her firm took the plunge July 17th of 2017. At first, she thought to herself “That won’t work or I don’t want to do that!” Remembering her commitment to her husband, her firm and herself, she went all in and trusted the process.

HTM showed her while building a law firm is not easy, it IS simple. She learned to build a very basic structure of systems throughout the seven parts of her business.

“It was groundbreaking–The Moore Law Firm changed in every way,” says Holly.

The chaos was gone and my staff grew happier. Her systematic and structured firm allowed her to triple the firm’s revenue. Plus, one amazing unexpected benefit was the shift in Holly’s personal life. She was able to abandon the practice of working around the clock, cramming court preparation, and living a frenetic, unhealthy existence. She now works a normal work week schedule.

The beginning of becoming a Happy Lawyer with a healthy firm begins with being fiercely

honest and self-aware. She says there are two questions attorneys must be able to answer with conviction:

1. Why are you in the law firm business?

2. Why does it matter?

Without the WHY, Holly explains, no one does what’s uncomfortable. And without tackling what’s uncomfortable, growth rarely happens.

“Working with HTM to get my firm on a structured, solid path improved my family and my team. I have always had core values in my firm, and I always knew my why, but now our team is excited about the mission too. It’s awesome to love what I do again.”


Was it harder than you imagined?

“Yes, of course it was harder. It’s all a part of growth. Growth for your firm and even more, growth for you as a person.”

What was harder, living the day-to-day to chaos of your former firm or putting How to Manage to work in your firm?

“There is no question. Living the chaos far more difficult, not only for me but for my entire team.”

What would you say to a person who is on the fence about taking the plunge?

“I’d say get out of your comfort zone and go for it. Today, my firm is a machine that not only serves me and my needs, but feeds six or seven families.”

When you are told by a colleague: “I don’t know if I can swing the cost,” how do you answer?

“You cannot afford NOT to do this life changing thing. The benefits–structure, smooth procedures, policies, satisfied clients, stable staff– offers you a chance to enjoy life and work again.”