Sorry if this comes as a “surprise” to you. But it’s true. And in case you don’t know him, Dan Kennedy has “only” sold something like $50,000,000 of professional services; So you may want to take what he has to say seriously, I know I do.

Majority In Your Business Or Profession Are Wrong About Most (If Not
ALL) Of Their Beliefs About How To Be Successful In That Business Or
Profession — 95% Of Them Earn A Great Deal Less Than 5% Do.
  – Dan Kennedy

The GOOD NEWS is that “what it takes” is NOT more work. And it’s NOT harder work. Instead your small law firm will respond surprisingly well and surprisingly quickly if you will STOP doing the wrong things and start doing the right law firm marketing and law firm management things. In fact if you will just stop doing the wrong things you’ll see improvements pretty fast too!

Here’s an easy one to stop doing “wrong”. Stop spending so much time in the office. That’s right, if you want to make more money, get out of the office at a reasonable hour most nights. And get out of the office for a little “mini-vacation” to recharge your batteries at least once every other week. How to take one of these mini-vacations and the benefits of doing so are addressed and even demonstrated for you in several videos throughout this blog so I won’t elaborate here.