So what does my roof have to do with your law practice?  Alot actually.  Let me explain…

As you may have gathered from my last email it’s been raining like crazy here in Miami last week.  And our roof sprouted a leak.  Not a huge problem but an inconvenience.  If it was a huge problem I would have called the roofer.  But since it was a small job and I used to renovate houses I knew I could tackle it in about an hour without even heading to Home Depot for supplies.

Now here’s the thing.

Normally you know what I say about concentrating on the highest & best use of our time.  Which for most of us is doing the jobs of Rainmaker, Owner & Lawyer for your law firm.

But in this case I had the extra motivation of NOT wanting to have to deal with calling a roofer, waiting for them to maybe or probably not show up on time.

And of course there’s the ‘Ale Factor’ too.  So getting the roof patched in an hour this morning was a much more attractive prospect than calling in a roofer and waiting.

It’s a great feeling to know that I’m capable, if need-be, of fixing my own roof.  Even though that’s NOT how I want to spend my time most days. 

Likewise I read the manual & am capable-of, and in fact have fixed minor mechanical problems when out on the boat which might have otherwise required a tow and ruined everyone’s day.

I’m not saying I’m super-mechanically-inclined.  But here’s the thing.  Machines, roofs, and the business of a law firm were MEANT to work.  So if they’re NOT working to specifications there’s a problem.  And all you have to do is remove the problem to get them working again.

But what if you don’t know how well a law firm is SUPPOSED to work? 

And what if you never read the owner’s manual? 

Then just like when I used to go out on my boa,t miles from shore with no mechanic in sight I was always a bit on-edge.  And if my roof had leaked I’d be dependent on a roofer.  Instead of being able to help myself out of a tight spot when need-be.

One of the mechanical systems that makes a law firm work is our IOLTA Client Property Trust Account. 

And if it’s not working properly your law firm cannot function as it was designed to operate. If you’ve never read the owner’s manual for your IOLTA (and I don’t mean the bar rules) then you might not even know how well your IOLTA COULD be working for you.

I was going going to take the whole “Simple System For Managing A Law Firm Client Property Trust Account” and put it back into the members-only library this week.  But I’m going to leave it out there for everyone to enjoy for a few more days. 

I encourage you to empower yourself in this area of the operation and management of your law firm by investing the time to watch the videos or even just download & listen to the mp3 audios if you prefer.

I’ve also recieved alot of inquiries for the How To Start A Succesful Law Firm In 90 Days Or Less program as well as when we’re going to have more seats opening in the Small Law Firm Management & Marketing Bootcamp monthly coaching program. 

We expect to have answers to these questions next week. 

In the meantime if you THINK you might be interested in either program I would encourage you to get yourself onto the head-start notice list. 

Because when we DO open the doors the spots usually go pretty quickly.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


p.s. As I am typing this I JUST HEARD the first drops of rain!  It really is all about timing, isn’t it!?!?!