Ok so you know how every few months you have to clean out your wallet and you find all sorts of things you’ve been carrying around with you for no currently-relevant reason?  Old business cards belonging to people you meant to follow-up with but have now forgotten why.  Old receipts for things long-since disposed of.  I even found an expired credit card on my most recent jaunt though mine! 

But every once in awhile you find a gem.  In my case, this week I found a note I wrote on the back of a restaurant receipt.  It captures one of those “moments of brilliance” that seem to happen at the least expected times.  Hence, why it gets jotted down on some scrap of paper and warehoused in your wallet waiting to be rediscovered.  Here’s exactly what I wrote (unedited):

I know you want to start and enjoy the benefits of owning a successful law firm, don’t you?

Well, your LIFE is not a spectator sport!

To win, you must get in the game!

We were ALL once where you are now – unsure about when, where & how to get in the game and “start your own business”.  BUT NOT WHETHER!!!

Listen for yourself to what some other lawyers experienced when THEY took action & got in the game too.  The all recieved an email or read a blog or saw an article just like this and then scheduled a call with me to learn more.  And that’s exatly what I’d encourage you to do now.  While I still have these 5 spots open in my schedule to speak with youabout what it’s going to take, to get your new law firm to perform for you: personally, financially and professionally.

Note: I don’t know if we still have 5 spots left in my schedule to discuss your law firm and your future plans with you.  Could be more, could be less.  I wrote that note more than a month ago.

I’m actually waiting for a car to take me to the airport for the mastermind we’re conducting in Ft Worth this weekend (exciting!) and I only came into my office to get my computer when I couldn’t resist lightening the load of extra stuff in my wallet so I typed this out so I can now dispose of the aforementioned restaurant receipt.

Go to www.HowToMANAGEaSmallLawFirm.com to determine which category you most closely fit into and then if you’re motivated enough to improve your life you’ll easily find the link to schedule a telephone appointment with me to discuss your options.

Gotta run…