Re: Let’s talk.

Date: September 11, 2010

Hello David,

As far as I know we’ve never spoken or done business together.  You seem to have an interest in me.  So I’d like to invite you to let me know a few dates & times this week that would be convenient for you for us to schedule a call.  This way you can “meet” me, ask me any questions you’d like and form an educated opinion about who I am, my business and what I’m all about.  I was not able to easily find Mr. Pribeti (@AntoninPribetic) or Mr. Sajdak’s (@bsajdak) email addresses from their blogs/websites but I would like to extend the same invitation to them too.  Perhaps if you are in contact with them you can coordinate a conference call for the four of us.

A little background about me:

First of all, in response to one of your questions, I am a Member of The Florida Bar.  I was sworn in by The Honorable Judge AJ Cristol whom I interned for.  I missed some CLE credits before the cut-off a few weeks back.  Here in Florida we operate on a 3 year cycle. I’ve since made-up the missing credits by taking some online courses and as soon as the Bar receives the letter proof of that along with a $150 administrative fee everything will be cleared-up.  I’ve never been sanctioned by any court, I’ve never been disciplined by any Bar, I’ve never had a bar complaint lodged against me.  In fact I used to work for The Florida Bar and you can find a very nice testimonial on my website from my former boss saying that I’m a good guy.

Speaking of which, I am a good guy.  I treat people with respect.  I go out of my way to help my fellow lawyers whenever I can.  And I am always quick with a compliment and I try to be slow with any criticism.  And yes, it hurts my “feelings” when my fellow lawyers call my character into question as you have done so publicly.  If you want to make fun of the fact that I am a human being with feelings, I can’t stop you.  But there you go, I have nothing to hide.

Another thing about me that you might be interested to know is that I am a very good friend to have.  I am very loyal and I go out of my way for my friends and clients.  Usually far above & beyond the call of duty.  Notwithstanding the fact that we have gotten off on the wrong foot, I’d like to think I am mature enough to enjoy a productive conversation with you.

Anyway, I do hope you’ll accept my invitation and pass it along to your other friends so you can all three base your opinions of me on actual experience.