I do not believe in treating everyone the same way.  Nor do I believe in “separate but equal”.  In point of fact I believe in the exact opposite.  Segregation.  That’s the ticket when it comes to law practice marketing.

Not racial or religious segregation mind you.  What I’m talking about is segregation based on a client’s willingness and ability to buy premium services and support our law firm policies.  Which such policies enable us to implement our law practice management procedures.  Which such law practice management procedures of course makes for happy and profitable lawyers.

But there is this piece of politically-correct garbage being passed-around by, and encouraged by a bunch of frustrated and broke lawyers.  Their “theory” is that lawyers should treat all clients equally. 

Nonsense!  And as with most of the P.C. “theories” about law practice management that get circulated, this one doesn’t work in the real world.  In fact it collapses-in on itself upon even the most cursory examination.  But it sure does “feel good” to go around saying that you treat all clients equally doesn’t it?  Sort of gives you the warm & fuzzies right?  Well I say Bull Shit!  And here’s why. . .

Assuming you are selling money at a discount there is no legitimate reason why a prospective client should not hire you right?  What I mean by selling money at a discount by the way is that if a client comes to you with a hundred-thousand-dollar problem for example, and you offer to help them solve it for just $10,000 there is no legitimate reason why they shouldn’t jump-up and hug you. (and don’t tell me about them not having $10,000 to solve a hundred-thousand-dollar problem because we’ve already discussed dozens of creative billing strategies to deal with that issue)

So you have two clients both with a similar problem to whom you offer each a similar solution at a “discount” relative to the value of their problem. 

One who we’ll call “A” (for Asshole) demonstrates contempt for you by telling you where to put your offer to help them at a 90% discount and instead says they want to shop around on price while their house burns down.  And when Ms. A comes back she’s a royal pain in yours because she is disorganized and disrespectful to you and your staff and she disregards you policies about things like telephone appointments, the definition of an emergency, and being prepared for her appointments with you, for example.

The other who we’ll call “B” (for Best) demonstrates respect and appreciation for you and your judgment by taking action right away.   He immediately recognizes the value of your advice, counsel and services appreciates your offer of creative billing strategies that enable him to retain you and instead of wasting his time and yours shopping around he lets you get to work putting-out his fire.  Thereby making your job easier and enabling you to get him a better result and faster too.  Additionally, because he values and appreciates you he is supportive and demonstrates respect for you and your staff and even respect for your other clients too by complying with your law firm policies & law practice management procedures.

So which one “deserves” to be treated better?  The asshole who will make your life miserable and drain you of all the fun and enthusiasm you have for the practice of law.  OR the best client who will energize you by allowing you to do what it is you went to law school for in the first place which is of course to help people.  Plus your best client pays for your legal services and because he lets you help him instead of interrupting your processes you get him better results so he’s happier and more likely to refer not only more clients but more of the right kinds of clients to you.

Many lawyers have a hard time making this choice.  If you’re one of them, click HERE because there’s something else I want you to read and give serious consideration to.

If you have an easy time making this decision and you want to learn how to find more of your best clients, and implement all kinds of neat law practice management and law firm marketing policies & procedures that will enable you to get more of them and give them even better service so that you can be a happy lawyer and thereby make more money click HERE instead.