Do you own your law practice, or does it own you?

Follow along, and comment with your questions, as we share each lesson in this series. Every video we send to you will provide guidance and a specific lesson about how to run a successful law firm, such as:

  • Bad habits that plague law firm owners, and how to break them.
  • Ways to take small tasks off your plate before they EAT YOU ALIVE!
  • Resources to help you better manage your law firm and find happiness.
  • Feedback or examples from our community of thriving Law Firm Entrepreneurs.

But… Don’t forget that the most important part of this series is YOU!!!

All of RJon’s lessons will be recorded on the road, responding to your comments, questions and concerns. Please don’t hesitate to ask them. Use a fake name or remain anonymous if it makes you feel more comfortable!

Just like the How to Manage a Small Law Firm Member Community, we GROW AS A GROUP!

You would be amazed by how many other lawyers are struggling with the same challenges as YOU! So, don’t be shy, let it all out, and ask the difficult questions you never thought you could.

We’re here to take them on, and help you move forward! Take advantage of this rare opportunity to participate with our team. You never get anything you don’t ASK for!

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