Wow, is it Wednesday already?  My social media come to life adventure just keeps going.  And it's picking-up speed!  Here's what happened in case you've missed it so far.  Because if you happen to be anywhere close to Miami you definitely are not going to want to miss out on this LITERALLY once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow your law firm OK, here goes… Monday I received an email from CEO David White that he's “Marooned in Miami”. 

Long story short David was flying back from Costa Rica where he attended a very hush, hush underground meeting of some WordPress “Power Users” and the programmers who are designing the next generation of blogs & website technology.  It's what we're all going to be using next year.  Anyway, while he's making his connection through Miami to London the volcano in Iceland spews so much ash all over Europe that all flights are canceled, hence the “marooned in Miami” email to thousands, and thousands of David's subscribers including ME. 

So I write to him to say I'm in Miami and would be happy to take him to lunch or dinner and talk shop.  Now admittedly this was somewhat of a self-serving offer.  I mean if the one of the Justices of your State's Supreme Court  was stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire would you stop to help because it's the right thing to do or would you help because holy crap, what an amazing opportunity to meet and talk with one of the Justices of your State's Supreme Court!   (Why can't it be both?) 

Long story short, we go for lunch, which turned into about a 4 hour lunch that probably would have cost me $10,0000 if I hired him to talk about all the things we ended up discussing.  And then when he saw how enthusiastic I am about helping small law firms with marketing & management related issues, and since it was clear he was going to be stuck here for several more days & I know where all the best restaurants are in town we decided what the hell, let's do an impromptu seminar this Friday to teach any local attorneys who want to join us all about how to make a law firm website that actually returns on your investment.  And not incidentally, gets your clients excited about using your website as a resource too!

Here's a link to a video from our lunch on Monday.  Email me for details about Friday's seminar.  We're expecting it to be in Coconut Grove April 23rd from about 12-3sh.  And it will be totally free.