Note: I originally sent this yesterday.  If you opened it in a preview window or on certain mobile devices my system can’t tell. So I hope you don’t mind too much that you’re getting it again. 

I’m resending to everyone who appears NOT to have opened it.  Because I think this is an important message that transcends “just” how to make your law firm better…


October 12, 2011 @ 11:10am EST
Miami Airport Gate D
I’ve installed myself at the Admiral’s Club…

The email I was PLANNING to share with you was going to be all about “is this how you feel?” and in it I was going to share some of the feelings I used to struggle with that were holding me back from stepping-into my potential.

Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle.  That’s why I’m at the airport on my way to see one of my own business coaches.

It should give you some comfort to know I practice what I preach.

And I know from personal experience how much better life can be when we take steps to get un-stuck.

It’s not just about all the extra money we make.  It’s about not feeling un-alive.

Because fun isn’t the same thing as excitement.  Fun is healthy & sustainable.  The kind of excitement that comes from “saving the day” isn’t.

But all my plans to write THAT email went by the wayside the second time I saw someone drop-dead right in front of my eyes at an airport.

That just happened literally 10 minutes ago. 

The first time was in 1997 in Puerto Rico during my vacation after I took The Bar Exam.  I was too young and inexperienced then to fully-appreciate what it meant to live your life as big as you can because it could be over tomorrow. 

Thankfully I fully appreciate what that means these days.

I am happy and excited (in a healthy way) to report that we have a record number of our Members flying-in from around the Country to attend our quarterly Members-Only Meeting this weekend.

I’m also happy and excited to report that we have sold-out yet another Mastermind Weekend, even though this one is actually Sunday-Tuesday because of scheduling & logistical reasons.

But I’m seriously upset and disappointed that more of my fellow lawyers are not able to bring themselves to take the action they know they must take to live the life they know they want to live. 

Or even if they’re not exactly clear about the life they want to live, at least to move-out and begin to stop living the life they know they DON’T want to live.

To stop is also a verb.

If you already know you have a great law firm, then you already know it can be so much better.

You may not have anyone else in your life you feel safe telling this to.  Because to everyone else, your life might appear to be perfect.  Enviable even.  But if you’re a lion or a lioness you can’t be satisfied living in captivity.  And that’s what it feels like sometimes doesn’t it?  Like you’re living in captivity.  No thrill.  No real challenges.  Nothing to stretch you.  Like you’re just waiting.

But waiting for what?

If this is you I want you to know that there are other lawyers who know how you feel.

You’re not alone.

We meet in-person every quarter.  We meet by phone every month.  We support and encourage one-another all the time.  We’re never far-away and we would be very pleased if you join our tribe.

–> I will show you how to justify your membership in our tribe by showing you how to make alot more money.

–> And I will show you how to justify your membership in our tribe by showing you how to make your staff more profitable, and how to make your law firm more efficient.

–> And along the way I’ll show you how to grow your business with more and better clients and how to eliminate a/r and eventually how to even sell your business at a profit.

But the truth of the matter is, most of that is really just our cover story.

Because our friends, our family, our staff and sadly, most of the lawyers around us, they don’t have a clue how it feels to be the king or the queen of the jungle.  And you’re stuck in a zoo when you long to be out-here and be in the wild with others of your kind.

This may be the first time you’ve ever heard or read anyone talk like this.  Do you like it?  Can you taste it?  Can you smell your freedom?  Can you practically feel it in the grip of your hand?

I don’t care if this email scares-away the zebra – too afraid to decide which way to go, what to do or who to be.

I just saw a man drop dead in front of my eyes and I cannot hold this in any longer.

If you’re one of us then this message has touched something deep inside of you that’s been waiting to be taken seriously.  Not pushed down, shoved-aside and made excuses for.

I am on a mission to recruit an army of winners like us!  Let the rest make their excuses.

If you’re one of us I invite you to study the programs at

Pick the one that best fits your current situation. 

And then at the end of that desciption you will find a handy scheduling tool you can use to arrange for a telephone appointment with me to discuss your future.

From the bottom of my heart, have a happy, healthy and a fun day!


p.s. Next Mastermind is in February in Salt Lake City.  Two of the 10 seats are already taken.  If you are ready to sit with us at that table send an email to with “Salt Lake City Mastermind” in the subject line.