If you've been reading my emails, watching my videos or if you've been otherwise in my orbit for any length-of-time you've no doubt come to expect some “straight-talk”.

I don't beat around the bush.  I don't believe in allowing people to deceive themselves.  Self-honesty is the most important of all.  Because if you can't be – or won't be honest with yourself then what hope do you have for dealing with the real world?

So here's the pattern.  You've probably seen it a hundred times before with your own clients too…

1.) Where are you now Mr./Ms. Client?  (Answer: screwed)

2.) Where do you want to be in the future Mr./Ms. Client?  (Answer: in a better place).

3.) Why are you screwed and not on your way to a better place? (Answer: because I don't know how.)

4.) What's going to happen if you don't learn how?  (Answer: things will go from bad to worse – because after all, there is no such thing in the real world as “status quo”)

At which point you think the coast is clear to offer a solution to help the prospective client go from being screwed, detour around an even worse place and get safely on-course to the better place they profess to desire.

Not So Fast!

You forgot to take “safety” into account.  That is the insidious way the human mind equates what's familiar with what's safe. 

Even if what's familiar is pretty terrible.  And by all logical expectations likely to get worse.  Untenable situations tend to get worse not better if left-alone.  You already KNOW that. 

So then, why do so many untenable situations get left-alone for so long by otherwise intelligent people?

If you're seeing a pattern of prospective clients who don't hire you even though where they are now is bad, even though they have no way to make things better on their own and even though they acknowledge that things are likely to get worse not better without your help…

…if you're seeing this pattern the thing to do is probably to install some “pre-screening” into your marketing to educate prospective clients so they come to you in a better state of mind and prepared to let-go of what is familiar when offered the opportunity to replace that with something better.

Happy Monday,


p.s. If YOU are not where you want to be in terms of the financial, personal and/or the professional performance of your law firm and you're emotionally-prepared to consider letting-go of what's familiar in order to replace it with something materially-better then I invite you to schedule an appointment to speak with me this week or next.  After that my schedule is pretty full the following two weeks.