Two days ago Allison Shields posted a great piece on using your hobbies to help market your law firm.  She shares a story about a lawyer who swam across the Long Island Sound to raise money & make it rain for his firm.

A number of attorneys I know have thought of marketing in similar ways only to discover they don’t have any hobbies/passions that are so ripe for publicity.  Not too many fund raising oppty’s for stamp collecting if you get my drift.

But all of us (hopefully) have a passion for helping people – so even if you can’t swim across the L.I.S., I’d encourage everyone reading this to think about how you can make it rain for your firm simply by doing what the best rainmakers have always done:  Become known as a person of integrity in your community who others know they can turn to for help as a trusted advisor, not just for your technical skills as a lawyer.