Sucks to report this.  After I invested the better part of 2 weeks to train her my new former assistant sent me her “resignation” by email yesterday giving me exactly ZERO days notice. 

I know there will be some who take the wrong lesson from this.  The “right” lesson is that I sure am glad I have that whole position thoroughly documented emyth style from the ad I placed to the interview questions, job description and first 2 weeks training schedule and everything I allow that position to have access to during the probationary period.

Those documeted policies & procedures are valuable assets of my business which enable me to be merely pissed-off, disappointed and inconvenienced -vs- totally screwed.

A word about being disappointed.  Yes, I AM disappointed.  It never feels good to have someone break-up with you.  You can tell youself all about how much better off you're going to be (which I really will be)  but still, it stings and anyone who has ever had an employee quit who says it doesn't sting, I think isn't being honest perhaps with you, perhaps with themselves.

IMPORTANT:  Don't allow yourself to start looking for sour grapes.  I thought she was going to be a valuable member of my team.  I was mistakken.  I'm disappointed.  Now I'm ready to move on.

Will keep you posted on next person I find to fill the position.  39 resumes recieved and counting!!!