OK, so just in case you’re just tuning-in here’s where we’re at with this very much impromptu once-in-a-lifetime FREE seminar that will teach you:

  • How to turn your law firm’s website and social media “expense” into a source of profit for your law firm; and


  • How to turn the average lame law firm website into a valuable resource your clients will actually appreciate ; and


  • How to turn your website and social media strategy into an important contributing factor in providing better client service, which of course makes our lives easier and triggers more frequent repeat and more profitable referral business

Back Story: David White, CEO of www.WebOptimiser.com is marooned in Miami due to volcanic ash disrupting air travel back to his home base in London.  WebOptimiser.com, in case you didn’t know is a very big deal in Europe with clients the likes of Marriott & Ford and Virgin Money for which WebOptimiser generates as many as 24 new applications PER MINUTE.

–> Normally a solo or small law firm couldn’t even get an appointment with David.  But as a personal favor to me (and as condition of going boating this weekend) he’s agreed to share some very high-level information with us about why and how to make a law firm’s website really demonstrate a return on your investment. 

We’re going to limit this to a nice small intimate group because David’s not here to do a big event, in fact he and I will both be dressed in our “Friday We’re Going Boating After This Casual” to the extreme.  He wasn’t planning to do this sort of training during his layover in town from Costa Rica to London so he doesn’t even have a suit with him!  Point-being what we’re lacking in formalities and any sort of reasonable advance notice we’re going to make up for with massively valuable advice that quite literally could change the whole way you market your law firm & manage your client service. 

We finally decided on a location just 20 minutes ago.  We booked a conference room at the Hampton Inn Hotel in Coconut Grove off 27th Avenue just east of US1.  The address is 2800 SW 28th Terrace, Miami, FL 33133  (305) 448-2800.

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