This was posted on our private discussion forum.  I thought it would be a pretty good way for you to start your week…

  • Other lawyers who are just “interested” will give-up when things become inconvenient.
  • Other lawyers who don’t really enjoy the way their law firm works will allow themselves to be distracted too-easily and too-often to ever make any real progress with their business.
  • Other lawyers who don’t value them-self enough to make self-improvement a priority will find their own priorities reflected back to them in every interaction with prospective clients.
  • Other lawyers who lack the vision to see what’s possible will find every obstacle along the way.

Remember: No plan, no strategy, no skills, no experience, no credentials and no amount of money can compare to the person who just won’t stop.

->Where do you stop?

–>>Why do you stop there?

—>>>What would your life be like if you didn’t?

Have a great week-ahead.   And be sure make your plans today so you can join us in Dallas April 19th for a one day workshop “How To Build A Million Dollar Solo Law Firm (in 36 months or less)”.