As reported in the ABA Journal, an annual survey of corporate counsel contains leads for where a Proactive Rainmaker can find more than 700 great new clients. . .

It seems some 70 percent of corporate counsel surveyed—most from Fortune 1000 companies—were dissatisfied with their primary law firms. A little more than half of the corporate counsel reported they had replaced or demoted at least one of their primary law firms in the 18 months prior to the survey—largely without any more notice than a reduction in assignments.

The survey report, How Clients Hire, Fire and Spend: Landing the World’s Best Clients, attributed the decline to three key factors. The law firms:

  • Fail to keep up with clients’ changing needs.
  • Do not articulate the value they deliver.
  • Do not communicate well with clients.

The results show customer service in a corporate-client relationship is paramount, and it is “not just about returning phone calls,” says BTI president Michael B. Rynowecer. “The major components of client satisfaction are the ability to make legal expertise client-specific, to understand the client’s business, to go beyond what’s anticipated and to achieve the client’s goals.”

Does any of this sound familiar?  It should be old-news to the Rainmakers who have listened to any of my programs, attended any of my teleseminars, or read some of my free weekly e-zine articles.  PROBLEM SOLVING SELLING!



Half of responding companies reported that they planned to try at least one new firm.

And that, says the President of BTI Consulting Group, the market research and management consulting firm that conducted the survey, “creates an opportunity for a new set of customer-driven, proactive, savvy, well-positioned, innovative law firms.”

If you are tempted to disregard this information because you think it doesn’t pertain to your small or even solo practice, you would be missing the point entirely!