A family law practitioner recently asked me “I don’t know what kind of sales calls are appropriate for potential divorce, custody, child support, termination of parental rights clients I might try without being
terminally tacky. I doubt any exist. I’d also risk soliciting business, which is unethical practice in [my state].”

After some back & forth I figured out that what she was really asking was “Who should I be making sales calls with?” not what kind of sales calls should you make.

The kind of sales calls that you should be making as a family law attorney are those which focus on identifying, analyzing and helping people to solve their problems. And the people with whom you could/should be conducting these Sales Calls include accountants, estate planners, family therapists, religious leaders in the community, real estate agents etc. All of these professionals have problems/opportunities you may be in a position to help them solve whenever they encounter a person who needs to find a divorce attorney, etc.