Too many lawyers refuse to take a position on their websites and in other marketing materials too.  They think they are avoiding offending anyone, but in fact they end up just being boring.  Put another way, if you’re not speaking powerfully to someone, you’re likely boring everyone.

Should law firm marketing be done strictly for its entertainment value?  Of course not.  But if your marketing isn’t a true reflection of who you are, and if it’s not in alignment with your values and personality it will become a chore instead of a simple extension of yourself. 

Chores are hard to do and get neglected when things get busy which is why so many law firms have wild swings in cash flow as the pipeline runs dry and then the lawyers have to scramble to get more work, which is never the best time to look for new work because you end up accepting anything that comes along.  But when your marketing is just an extension of who you are you never forget to do it because it’s easy.  That’s not to say you can’t learn how to do it better, but it has to be honest.

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