“You want the truth?  You can’t handle the truth!”

– Jack Nicholson to Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men

Yes my friends, the time is approaching when you’re going to have to choose a side…

I’m writing this to you at 36,000 feet jamming out to Led Zeplin IV “Going To California”.  It’s being streamed to me on Pandora via Go-Go-Inflight into my Bose noise-cancelling headphones.  We’re aboard American Airlines flight 271 enroute to Los Angeles.  It’s quite surreal.  The stewardess just offered us chocolate ice cream.

I’m headed to L.A. with Ale passed-out and in a nearly-fully-recliend position in the window seat beside me. 

We’re headed West for a meeting with MY OWN COACH.

And in my ongoing effort to assure you that THERE IS PLENTY OF MONEY OUT THERE I’m reporting that yet-again, first class is sold out

That’s 14 seats plus mine & Ale reclined next to me. 

I so sincerely wish for each and every one of you, even if we’ve never met, that you could participate or even just observe a Mastermind with me and come to fully appreciate that it really is your choice whether not you choose to continue participating in the “recession”. 

We decided not to and so our business is thriving. 

Nearly 100 lawyers from all walks of life, in all different practice areas and from all around the U.S. and even in other Countries have joined-us.  I mean this both literally and for thousands more, figuratively-too.

I know that talking this way may be off-putting to some lawyers out there.

You may even consider it “bragging” to report honestly and accurately that our business has more than quadrupled while others are crying the blues. 

You may consider it to be self-serving to also honestly and accurately report that we have dozens, and dozens, and dozens of solo lawyers in our various coaching programs who are having their best years ever.

And you may be right. 

But then what do you call it when you go to a bar function and listen (or worse, participate) in a conversation with a bunch of other lawyers who report honestly and accurately about how poorly their businesses are performing in this changing time of plenty? 

Fair is fair. 

But who would you prefer to hang around with? Who would you prefer to resonate with?  Who would you prefer to have influencing your decisions and affecting your point of view?  The losers or us?

“Why do you have to call them losers, RJon?  That’s not nice!”

OK so what should we call them?  “profitably-challenged”?

They’re losing money.  They’re losing time.  They’re losing hope.  And they’re losing self-confidence.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing them.  I’m just saying out-loud (or in writing, rather) what everyone else is thinking.

The difference is, I’m actually giving them a road-map out of the morass they’re so obviously in. 

(mo – rass [muh-ras] “…any confusing or troublesome situation, especially one from which it is difficult to free oneself; entanglement.”)

For those with alot of time on their hands, they can keep reading my free emails, enroll in my free courses, even send me an email or post a questio on my blog. 

If you place a higher-value on your time or if you have a compelling-enough-reason to increase your income, your free-time and your fun quicker, you can schedule a call to discuss one of our proven & guaranteed programs.

But at least I’m not perpetuating the problem by making those lawyers feel better about a situation they’d (presumably) rather not be in.

So Here’s My Challenge To Everyone Who Reads My Emails:

I want to ask you to consider what YOU are doing about this pervasive problem in our industry? 

  • If you’re a lawyer, do you tolerate it when one of our bretheren wastes his or her talents crafting a persuasive argument why things have to suck when we know things can be great instead?   Or do you speak-up?
  • If you’re a bar official are you promoting messages about how tough things are?  Or are you promoting programs that offer concrete action steps and celebrating lawyers who are thriving in these admittedly “changing” times?  
  • If you’re a client, do you reward lawyers who complain or do you reward lawyers who come up with creative new approaches to the practice of law that benefit you and/or your company?

Yes my friends, the time is approaching when you’re going to have to choose a side. 

For the time being though, I hope you’ve made a deliberate decision to do what is required and equip yourself to be successful in your own business

That is, to have a law firm that serves you financially, personally, and professionally too. 

Because with the same law firm marketing and management principles, techniques, tools and strategies we’ve been using for hundreds of years to grow our law firms, you really CAN have all three!

And if you HAVE then you’re probably the sort of lawyer we’d love to have with us in Miami for Our Last Mastermind Workshop of 2011.  I hope you’ll invest the time required to make an informed decision and don’t hesitate to let me know (by email) if you have any questions about this or anything else I can do to help you have a more successful law firm.


p.s. You may wonder “why” I’m always so willing to help lawyers have a more successful law firm, even if they’re not (yet) a member of any of our programs.  The answer is that I want EVERYONE to be successful.  Because the more lawyers we have out there who are not “losing” the better it will be for all of us!