Text and Video Testimonial

Bonnie Fernandes

I went with my lawyer fiancee to one of RJon’s How to Manage a Small Law Firm seminars. I went to be supportive — I am not a lawyer myself.

I found that many of RJon’s ideas were applicable to me and my freelance writing business. I went to the seminar to be supportive and wound up receiving a solid education in how to run a business — any business. Or at least any business that operates a certain way, with a professional providing a specialized, knowledge-based service.

I would recommend RJon to anyone. But if you have a small law firm that is struggling, for whatever reason, during this recession — RJon’s How to Manage a Small Law Firm may be just the shot in the arm you need.

Reid Trautz

RJon is uniquely qualified to truly help lawyers “make it rain”: As a practicing lawyer, he understands the pressures and rewards of a law practice; as a Practice Management Advisor with the Florida Bar he honed his knowledge of practice management and legal ethics, helping hundreds of lawyers build and maintain ethical and profitable practices; and as an entrepreneur, he practices what he preaches. If you are a solo or small firm lawyer seeking to increase your client base, RJon is the real deal!

Andy Adkins

RJon has always carried the highest standard for helping lawyers better manage their practice through proven and efficient management strategies. RJon and I have worked in this industry for many years and he’s always been highly regarded. His work at The Florida Bar, where I first met him, has helped many lawyers in their daily practices with management, technology, and marketing. He knows the industry and he knows how lawyers work.

J. Phelps

In recommending RJon, the 1st thing that comes to mind is his enthusiasm. RJon always works enthusiastically at full speed ahead. The next characteristic is his integrity. If he commits to something, his word is his bond. Of the many peope who have worked for me I can honestly say that RJon stands our for his honesty integrity, and personal commitment. In one word, RJon is a man of character.

Anthony Comparetto

RJon is uniquely qualified to truly help lawyers “make it rain”. Any lawyer who wants help improving his practice and the quality of his life should look at RJon and his materials.

Myrna Arroyo

I used RJon’s How To Make It Rain materials when I first opened up my solo office and found them to be extremely useful. He has great advice for attorneys going on their own who are needing to generate revenues quickly and on a small marketing budget.