REAL Decisions = Power

In today’s lesson, RJon explains how modern technology has allowed us to become lazy decision-makers. Taken from his members-only meeting in April 2015, this episode will show you how to take back power over your own life by making REAL decisions.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

This episode comes from the January 2021 Live Quarterly Meeting. This was RJon’s first in-person members-only meeting following COVID shutdowns, and he shares some timely advice about running your business in the aftermath of the pandemic that is still true right now: get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Give Value to Get Value

In this episode—taken from the How to Manage Live Quarterly Meeting in Palm Springs in 2017—RJon shares a very personal story from his life in order to help you understand a deceptively simple formula that can change everything for you and your business.

Marketing Math

In the final episode in our March marketing series—taken from the members-only meeting in July 2017—RJon teaches a formula that will answer the question, “How much marketing should I do?”

And just a heads up, this one does involve some math—but don’t panic. You can follow along with a pen and paper and easily plug your own numbers into the equation.

Understand What You’re ACTUALLY Marketing

As we continue this month’s focus on marketing, this is the third and final episode from RJon’s October 2015 Live Quarterly Meeting in Miami.

Today’s lesson is all about how to fix your marketing by understanding the life your clients want to be living.

Failure to Plan (Your Marketing)

In Part 2 from the October Live Quarterly Meeting in Miami, RJon describes two more huge problems most business owners have with their marketing, and how these problems prevent most owners from building an effective marketing machine. Most importantly, he teaches his audience how to overcome these obstacles and take their marketing to the next level.