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The Lawyer Millionaire

In the competitive world of law, success is not solely measured by case wins, but also by the financial strength and stability of your practice. This episode of The Lawyer Millionaire Podcast offers a rigorous exploration of the tenets of financial acumen in the legal profession.

Host Darren Wurz engages with the co-founder and president of How to Manage a Small Law Firm, RJon Robins, in a deep dive into the critical application of the “profit first” approach and the moral obligations law firm owners face in maintaining financial probity. With a focus on stability, sustainability, and ethical practice, this episode presents an analysis of financial strategies that align with the core values of justice and service inherent to the legal profession. Listeners will gain a wider understanding of the fiscal prudence required to navigate the future of law with confidence and clarity.

RJon discusses:

  • How the “profit first” system can revolutionize the financial health of your law firm.
  • Strategies for dealing with resistance from staff when implementing new financial systems.
  • The psychological and ethical implications of running a profitable practice for both clients and law firm teams.
  • How to stop the money leaks and transform your law firm finances today
  • The important truths most broke lawyers don’t like to hear
  • The essential financial tools included in his bonus package — bookkeeper assessment template, financial quiz, and more


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The Managing Partners Podcast

On this episode of The Managing Partners Podcast, RJon Robins shares his journey from being flat broke to building a successful law firm management company. He emphasizes that anyone can build a million-dollar law firm with the right strategies and systems in place.

RJon explains that law firms are simple businesses to run compared to other industries and that success comes from implementing processes, systems, and procedures.

He also discusses the importance of mindset and personal development for law firm owners.

Finally, RJon challenges the notion that marketing and scaling a law firm is unethical, stating that it is an ethical obligation to market legal services and run a profitable law firm.

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The State of Law Firm Marketing in 2023

Listen to a great discussion between RJon Robins and Bill Hauser as they discuss the landscape of law firm marketing in 2023.

Some of the things they discuss:
Law school celebrates people who sacrifice the most and endure the most and prepares and indoctrinates students to go out and work for big law firms where the more you can endure, the more you can suffer. I’ve always believed that we should be focusing on creating value.

Law firms are phenomenal businesses when they’re run the right way. I believe in objectivism, creating value for the sake of creating value.

The main thing distinguishing human beings from animals is our ability to consciously and intentionally create value and build a world that suits us. Unfortunately, most people in society teach you that you should take pride in how much you suffer, take pride in your sacrifice, take pride in how much you endure, and take pride in how much you can do without.

What are the things you believe about marketing that most people would disagree with you on? The number one thing is to lead with your message, lead with your mission, lead with your heart, lead with “Okay, why you do what you do, and don’t try to put forth this polished, perfect, politically correct story.” Be real; that’s very rare in the legal industry. Most people disagree; they want to be polished, they want to be perfect, and they want their story to be politically correct. You know they want to be the hero of Their Own Story.

Listen now!

Exhibit (A)ttorney Show

You may know RJon from How to Manage a Small Law Firm, but we’re here to chat about how to MARKET a Small Law Firm. Tune into this episode of Exhibit (A)ttorney, with RJon Robins.

Entrepreneur Podcast

RJon Robins, Founder and CEO of How To MANAGE A Small Law Firm, which helps Solo & Small Law Firm owners grow their business to become more profitable joins Enterprise Radio to talk about building a Multi-Million Dollar business from nothing.

Financially Legal

RJon Robins is the CEO and Founder of How To Manage a Small Law Firm, the largest provider of fractional executive (CEO, CFO, COO) services for small law firms in the country. This episode is the first of a four-part series with RJon on the seven essential parts of a law firm. These seven parts are sales, marketing, production, people, physical plant, financial metrics and controls and, finally, the owner. In this first episode, we start with and talk only about number seven, the owner. This episode begins with a throw ALL THE WAY BACK to Thomas Aquinas and proceeds through to a discussion of why many lawyers fail to achieve their potential and the first step lawyers can take to start building something amazing.