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The State of Law Firm Marketing in 2023

Listen to a great discussion between RJon Robins and Bill Hauser as they discuss the landscape of law firm marketing in 2023.

Some of the things they discuss:
Law school celebrates people who sacrifice the most and endure the most and prepares and indoctrinates students to go out and work for big law firms where the more you can endure, the more you can suffer. I’ve always believed that we should be focusing on creating value.

Law firms are phenomenal businesses when they’re run the right way. I believe in objectivism, creating value for the sake of creating value.

The main thing distinguishing human beings from animals is our ability to consciously and intentionally create value and build a world that suits us. Unfortunately, most people in society teach you that you should take pride in how much you suffer, take pride in your sacrifice, take pride in how much you endure, and take pride in how much you can do without.

What are the things you believe about marketing that most people would disagree with you on? The number one thing is to lead with your message, lead with your mission, lead with your heart, lead with “Okay, why you do what you do, and don’t try to put forth this polished, perfect, politically correct story.” Be real; that’s very rare in the legal industry. Most people disagree; they want to be polished, they want to be perfect, and they want their story to be politically correct. You know they want to be the hero of Their Own Story.

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Wake Up Call

Too many lawyers that run their own law firm forget that they are not only lawyers, but they are also business owners! Christina’s guest today is Rjon Robins, the Founder of How To Manage A Small Law Firm, a consulting group that teaches lawyers how to run their businesses effectively. As a lawyer himself, Rjon knows that law school doesn’t teach you a thing about how to run a law firm. Rjon found that out the hard way when his own law firm fell flat on its face. Through the school of hard knocks, Rjon was able to learn the systems that help run small law firms successfully and now he uses those systems to help over 400 law firms nationwide! In this episode, we talk about… Rjon’s journey through the school of hard knocks Having a practice as compared to having a business To know and not to do is not to know The question that got Rjon uninvited from the bar association What happens when a law firm hits $1M in revenue How to Manage a Small Law Firm’s evolution Breaking down introverts vs. extroverts The extent to which a person can grow depends on how much truth they can face Balancing between doing the right thing and wanting your staff to like you You have to take action to take your law firm to $5M It’s a mindset problem when there are problems and you already know what to do Law firms just work better with effective systems put into place Take a longer view instead of just worrying about today Tackling parental challenges right now Links to resources: Tiger King Endless Referrals by Bob Burg Law Firm Pandemic Growth Resources How To Manage a Small Law Firm: If you want to know more about me and sign up for my newsletter: If you are a #FEMSQUIRE or female entrepreneur and you want to appear as a guest on Wake Up Call, let’s talk!  Please email me at

The Law Firm Blueprint

Today Seth and Jay discuss the mindset a lawyer must take when planning for conscious growth with Rjon Robbins, founder and law practice coach from How To Manage a Small Law Firm. 

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Financially Legal

RJon Robins is the CEO and Founder of How To Manage a Small Law Firm, the largest provider of fractional executive (CEO, CFO, COO) services for small law firms in the country. This episode is the first of a four-part series with RJon on the seven essential parts of a law firm. These seven parts are sales, marketing, production, people, physical plant, financial metrics and controls and, finally, the owner. In this first episode, we start with and talk only about number seven, the owner. This episode begins with a throw ALL THE WAY BACK to Thomas Aquinas and proceeds through to a discussion of why many lawyers fail to achieve their potential and the first step lawyers can take to start building something amazing.

Law Firm Growth, Six Steps

“The best businesses don’t end up where they started out”. After growing literally hundreds of law practices, many well past the seven figure mark, RJon Robins has seen the patterns that separate the ones that get ahead from the ones that stay small. What’s more – life might be easier at higher revenue than you might imagine. Find out what you have to be focusing on for your stage of growth in this interview with RJon Robins.