Decide (Part 1)

The week we're sharing lesson from April 2016  when RJon addressed his members at a Live Quarterly Meeting in West Palm Beach, Florida. The lesson is called DECIDE – and during this presentation, RJon explains why decision making is THE critical skill that every entrepreneur needs to master if they're serious about growing their business.

Hell On Earth (Part 2)

This week, we’re finishing up a lesson RJon gave in April of 2019 from a talk he called “Hell On Earth” at one of his members-only Live Quarterly Meetings. If you haven’t heard part one yet, make sure you listen to that first so you can get the full value from this lesson.

In part two RJon talks about what it means to be a “drifter,” why it’s so dangerous for an entrepreneur to live this way, and he gives his audience the formula to break free. As we join the lesson in progress, RJon is reading from the book “Outwitting the Devil” by Napolean Hill, and then he continues with the lesson. 

Hell On Earth (Part 1)

This lesson is from April of 2019 when RJon gave a lesson he called “Hell on Earth” at one of his members-only Live Quarterly Meetings. 

We took this out of the vault to share with you this week because it will help you to seriously evaluate your business and your life, and help you think about whether you’re reaching for your true potential or “settling” for less because fear is holding you back.  

This recording begins as we join a group of about 500 entrepreneurs who have flown in from all over the country just as RJon is beginning to read lyrics from a song called “To Beat the Devil” by Kris Kristofersen, and then he gets into the lesson. 

Exhibit (A)ttorney Show

You may know RJon from How to Manage a Small Law Firm, but we’re here to chat about how to MARKET a Small Law Firm. Tune into this episode of Exhibit (A)ttorney, with RJon Robins.

Entrepreneur Podcast

RJon Robins, Founder and CEO of How To MANAGE A Small Law Firm, which helps Solo & Small Law Firm owners grow their business to become more profitable joins Enterprise Radio to talk about building a Multi-Million Dollar business from nothing.

Financially Legal

RJon Robins is the CEO and Founder of How To Manage a Small Law Firm, the largest provider of fractional executive (CEO, CFO, COO) services for small law firms in the country. This episode is the first of a four-part series with RJon on the seven essential parts of a law firm. These seven parts are sales, marketing, production, people, physical plant, financial metrics and controls and, finally, the owner. In this first episode, we start with and talk only about number seven, the owner. This episode begins with a throw ALL THE WAY BACK to Thomas Aquinas and proceeds through to a discussion of why many lawyers fail to achieve their potential and the first step lawyers can take to start building something amazing.